Auden Park & Henderson Place – Kingston

I encourage you to tour this area to see the variety of homes that have gone up over the years. It is only minutes from the downtown core and yet the value you will find in here is amazing. I had a friend sell a smallish downtown home with no yard, move out here and renovate a 70’s tri-level to the max, more than double her living space and benefit from a wonderful backyard without mortgaging their souls. Very smart move. Nearby high schools, public/Catholic elementary schools, grocery stores and it’s proximity to Lakeshore pool provide everything a family needs. Scattered in among the streets are several amazing properties with gorgeous back yards and impeccable interior decor. Anything and everything is available here so there is no need to worry about it being too far out of your price range. Set your budget and let’s go take a look at homes for sale in Auden Park & Henderson Place, Kingston.

Check Out Current Properties in the Area: